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Dog Walking

Premier Dog Walking can offer you a safe, reliable service to ensure your dog is receiving enough daily exercise, stimulation and socialisation.

Our walks tend to be in common land or local parks where we use several interesting and stimulating routes where appropriate. We offer a standard 60 minute walk.

During every walk we play games and interact with each dog, giving them individual attention, care and affection. We will willingly reinforce any commands that your dog knows, and help to teach new commands if requested.

All new dogs are walked on the lead until we are sure that their recall is adequate. Your dog would never be walked off lead without your previous agreement and written consent.

We are able to offer walks from very early morning through to late afternoon.

Walks take place within a two hour time frame during a morning, lunchtime or afternoon session. This service is suitable for well behaved, friendly dogs with good recall.

An individual walk is suitable for any dog but is especially suitable for a shy, timid dog or a dog with some behavioural issues. Your dog will benefit from our undivided attention. Our walks are tailored to the individual dog; we can offer an energetic and playful walk or a more relaxed stroll.

We can also offer a small group (2-3 dogs) walk, where two or three dogs with similar temperaments and needs are matched up by James and can socialise and have fun together on a shared walk. It offers companionship and socialisation in a safe and controlled way.

We ask that your dog is up to date with his vaccinations, including Kennel Cough, for the welfare of your dog and other dogs in our care. We cannot accept antisocial or aggressive dogs for safety reasons.

Comfort Break

Our comfort breaks are ideal for elderly dogs or those that are convalescing following illness or an operation, and cannot be exercised. These visits are also intended for bitches in season.

Each visit lasts half an hour. It allows your dog a trip to the toilet, a walk around the block or a visit to the garden, and can include feeding and replenishing water bowls.

Weekend walks

There is nothing we like more then to go on a big walk on weekends and explore. Id love for your dogs join us. All walks last 2+ hours. Favorite places include Thames River walks, Putney & Barnes common , outside of London walks. 1-3 dogs only. (We’re sorry but this offer applies only to our regular customers.)

Cat and small animal feeding

While you are away on holiday or business we can care for your cat.

We will visit your cat at your home, giving it cuddles and attention. We will replenish the food and water. Change the litter tray and play games.
We feel that is a much better option than a cattery.

We have experience of caring for many types of small animals (rabbits, hamsters and other small caged mammals).

While we are at your home, we are happy to water plants, tidy up the post or any other small tasks, just ask. We can make your home look more lived in by turning on and off lights and closing / opening curtains, moving recycling bins etc.

School holidays tend to be a very busy time, so we highly recommend that you book well in advance.

Tropical Fish

We have over ten year’s experience in tropical fish management, and are able to undertake feeding,  tankcleaning, set up and maintenance. Please call for further information.